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Ex on a dating site

Ex on a dating site


According to Dating coach Meredith Goldenperhaps you shouldn't. This can be a difficult situation to navigate, so I asked Golden how best to move forward — her answers were validating. Finding your ex on a dating app can lead to a rush of conflicting feelings, so take a few deep breaths.

Additionally, remind yourself that reactivating a dating profile in no way means that either of you have completely moved on. Giphy According to Golden, interacting in a flirtatious manner with your ex on a dating app can be potentially harmful.

Jumping back in to dating again, especially on different apps, is a common post break-up occurrence in a technologically savvy society. Modern dating has its nuanced challenges, but when it comes to Tinder practices, the Dory swiping method proves that there are still plenty of fish in the sea.

One of the biggest fears that my clients have is going on a dating site and seeing their ex's picture looking right back at them from their computer or phone screen. Internet dating is hard. Now, this isn't me being nostalgic for the good old days of dinner dates and love letters, because I've only ever known. So to my surprise my ex joined the same dating website and he's viewed my profile. The only control that I have at this point is to not view his. However, if your ex had the same thought process as you, there's also a chance you could end up coming across their profile. Seeing your ex on a dating app.

You're not alone in seeing your ex on a dating app