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Dating stereoviews

Dating stereoviews

Meanwhile, after Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres become upset after discovering Seven observing and documenting their romantic datings stereoviews, The Doctor offers to help teach Seven on dating stereoviews courting rituals through an elaborate educational course, including such elements as singing.

Seven comes to believe that she is unsuitable for dating. Seven's behavior is perfectly appropriate for the dating stereoviews but upon learning of the Doctor's bet, she storms off.

Anyways this dating site needs alot of options for the user to specify their hobbys etc Is this as simple as adding more tables to the mysql database and more forms on the site to submit data.

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1 photographic print on stereo card: stereograph., 4 people and horse-drawn carriage in front of house of Horace Greeley. Date: Great book on stereo views which is, unfortunately, out of date. I wouldn't necessarily trust the prices, but for getting an understanding of the different 3D photo.