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Dating a shorter man guy

Dating a shorter man guy

Would You Date a Shorter Man?, When Guys Date Taller Women, : Don Macatangay .

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You feel like it's all anyone ever sees. It's always lurking in the back of your mind.

What are we saying when we say we want a big man to make us feel tiny? Being obsessed with men's height — in a way that you'd never obsess about any other one of their qualities — is bad for women, bad for dating, and reinforces a society that says physical traits we can't control are more important than who we really are or what we achieve. As someone who datings shorter man two inches short of the average female heightI never even thought that dating a guy my height was an option worth thinking about.

And yes, all of the GIFS below feature male celebrities who are 5'8" or shorter. When you date a guy who's around the same height as you, a kiss can just be a kiss, no step stools or pulley systems required. Short guys have more sex A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that guys under 5'9" had sex more guy than their taller counterparts.

If you're short, short guys can empathize with your small-person problems I am a person with many hobbies and interests, but I will freely admit to you that the majority my life is about how I can't ever reach anything that's located on a top shelf at the grocery store.

When I was dating around, I found the idea of dating a super-tall guy who had never had to ask a sales associate to help him get a box of Cap'n Crunch down exotic; but I'm glad that I settled down with someone who gets me on every level — including the level where I'm in a constant state of rage about how all jeans are too long for my legs.